Tandem Learning

Tandem Learning is an exchange between two native speakers of different languages which enables both to improve their language skills through conversation or other forms of communication. The Language Centre offers “Face-to-face Tandem Learning”. Students participating in the initiative have the opportunity to meet personally.

Why participate?

Because it is:

  • useful: it’s a chance to improve your speaking skills.
  • easy to participate in: it’s open to everyone at the University of Padova.
  • informative: it provides a means to get to know a different culture from your own.
  • enjoyable: it’s good fun!
  • flexible: you decide when and where to meet your partner. 

Who can participate?

Students who are registered at the University of Padova; students on exchanges (through the LLP-Erasmus program, the Erasmus-Mundus program and Bilateral agreement students, Boston University, etc.); volunteers at the University of Padova (European Voluntary Service, National Civil Service, Regional Civil Service). Students have a priority for enrollment. Those who have a formal relationship with the University of Padova or the Hospital of Padua (administrative staff, fellows, graduate students, master students, specialization students and teachers) can also enroll in Tandem Learning.

For more information go to: http://cla.unipd.it/attivita/autoapprendimento/tandem-learning/

Registration is open until October, 30th.

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