Maria Cristina Lavagnolo

Immagine Maria Cristina Lavagnolo
Graduated in Hydraulic Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Milano.
PhD in Environmental Engineering.
Assistant Professor since 2002, teaching: 'Environmental Sanitary Engineering' and 'Environmental Project Work-part II' at University of Padova; 'Solid Waste Management' at ENSTP- Yaoundè', Cameroon; 'Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries' at the University of kwaZulu Natal-Durban, South Africa.
Member of the IWWG-International Task Group 'Education in Waste Management' which main aim is to support education and training for professionals in the waste sector worldwide.
Promoter of the Literary Cafè at Yaoundè, a bottom up cultural project to enhance the social awareness on the environmental topics, involving local people of different educational levels.
Research fields: sustainable technologies for wastewater and solid waste treatment in developing countries; wastewater reuse; phytoremediation with different crops; biorefinery of organic waste (Hydrogen and Methane production).
Città /Località:Padova


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