An international design competition……. of skills, speed and spirit

The formula SAE (or Formula Student) is an international design competition for Universities, where student Teams build a single seater formula racecar with which they compete against teams from all over the world. The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning. The target audience is the non-professional weekend-racer. The Teams have to compose a complete package consisting of a well designed and constructed racecar along with a sales plan that best matches the given criteria. The evaluation of the car presented by the student Teams is made by a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industries. The jury will judge every team's car and sales plan based on design, construction, cost planning and sales presentation. The rest of the judging is done out on the track with several disciplines! (acceleration, braking, handling, reliability, fuel consumption)
The University of Padova has been participating in the Formula SAE Competition since 2006 with a Team of students known as the RaceUP Team.
The student Teams compete in the international Formula Student or Formula SAE events held in Europe or all over the world. At each event, the students stay in the racetrack for approximately one week, where a scheduled program of technical inspections, events and disciplines in the race track is followed. Technical and safety inspections are designed to keep the risk of accidents and injuries as low as possible and must be passed by the student-built cars before being allowed to practice or take part in the dynamic disciplines. Technical and safety inspections include scrutineering, tilt table test, noise test and brake test. After all technical and safety inspection are passed, student Teams are allowed to participate to the static and dynamic events. In the static events the international jury evaluates the effort of the student Team to design, manufacture and sale the car prototype. Static events include: engineering design, cost analysis and business plan presentation. Following static events, in the dynamic events the student-built cars have to prove their capabilities in the track; the different disciplines demand different qualities and they consists in: acceleration, skid-pad, autocross, endurance and fuel efficiency.
The University of Padova recognise the educational value of the Formula SAE project for the students, in that the FSAE project pushes the student to broaden and to apply the body of knowledge acquired during the degree courses; moreover, students are strongly invited to develop soft skills, which are highly appreciated in the world of work, such as project planning, team working and problem solving.

Details and rules of the Formula SAE international competition are available at the official website: