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SETI 2017 EIT Raw Materials Summer School (September 5-11, 2017, Trento)

SETI 2017 EIT Raw Materials Summer School (September 5-11, 2017, Trento)

by Alippi Beniamina -
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SETI 2017 Summer School is an EIT Raw Materials initiative hosted at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Trento. The Summer school is open to 30 master courses students selected on a merit basis. SETI 2017 aims at bringing students together, for a period of one week, to work in team on exploring challenges and opportunities in an increasingly relevant thematic area such as the use of innovative raw materials to replace critical ones, aiming to more efficient energy generation, energy saving and sustainability.


The summer school is part of the innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) education component of the EIT Raw Material. The principal objectives of SETI 2017 can be summarized as follows: 


  • demonstrate the importance of replacing existing critical raw materials in the wide fields of energy (generation, savings) and sustainability; 
  • identify the market needs and business opportunities in the area; 
  • identify the technology and its level of readiness, teach the students how to transform the gained knowledge into concrete business proposals and coach them how to present the pitches to companies or investors.

During the week, students are confronted with involved stakeholders to consider the sustainability and relevance of their ideas. The course emphasizes multidisciplinarity  and leverages on diversity as key to innovation. The accent will be on key issues related to innovative materials and technologies. The applied approach is based on the following pillars:


  • a balanced combination of Theory and Practice;
  • combination of lectures with practical tutorials, mentoring, study visits, and teamwork
  • social events to identify project ideas.

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June 27, 2017: call for applications opens
July 30, 2017: call for application closes
August 2, 2017: confirmation of places for selected participants
August 7, 2017: confirmation of participation by selected students