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1. Are you a student or professor in University of Padua?

  • a. Access Description:
    Is your right to have an university email:
    • Students :
    • Professors :
    With only one password you'll be enabled to access to all service joining Single Sign On.
    You'll see your email, or access to Moodle with only one action.
    To Login using SSO, you have to click on the SSO image above.
  • b. You haven't yet registered your university email?
    See those instructions: Guide to SingleSignOn

2. Are you an external professor or student without SSO access?

Some users can't use SSO:
  • Erasmus students;
  • Student for single courses;
  • Professors without email;
  • Some other rare cases;
For those people it exists another access, granted by platform manager.
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