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Human Resource Management for International Firms (from now on HRM4IF) The course aims at providing the students the following competencies and knowledge:
(1) understand the nature of HRM in international firms and appreciate how and why it has become so critical to competitiveness
(2) develop greater sensitivity and confidence in our own capacity to effectively impact the HRM process when working across cultures
(3) develop a global mindset by experiencing, verbalizing, and writing thoughtfully about different cultures and human resource issues impacting diverse environments while maintaining a linkage for mutual benefit.
HRM4IF provides an introduction to the critical issues facing organizations in simultaneously managing their human resources at home and abroad.
The course focuses on the connection between corporate strategy and the effective management of human resources. Following a functional approach, the course will review specific cases of planning, staffing, appraising, training and development, and compensation practices for international firms.
The topics covered are:
- International Human Resource Management & International Firms: Processes, Structures and People
- Meeting Human Resources Requirements in International Firms: Staffing, Recruitment and Selection, International Training, Development and Careers
- Monitoring Performance and Ensuring Conformity: Performance Management & Appraisal, Global Institutional Context
- Managing Compensation and Benefit: International Firms & Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions, International Alliances and SMEs

Category: Area Corsi / A.A. 2018 - 2019 / Corsi di Laurea Triennale / EP2093 - ECONOMIA