Dr. Jacques Romain Njimou

Dr. Jacques Romain obtained a double PhD in Chemical  Engineering and Processing  (2014, University of Rome "La Sapienza",  Italy) and Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical  Chemistry (University of Yaounde  I, Cameroon). 

He has expertise in active adsorbents,  water and sanitation,  nanostructures and porous materials, separation,  and nano-membranes/filters for low cost-low energy water purification.

Dr. Romain has a strong track record of innovative ideas to tackle practical societal problems in the field of water treatment & sanitation and his scholarship has attracted several international fellowships and recognitions. He is currently developing MOF-based nanomaterials I.e. composite nanoparticles materials for low cost/low energy water purification and environmental applications.

 In addition to my publication record, I disseminated my expertise in the field through presentations at several international conferences (Expert Exceed Swindon –workshop, December 03-06, 2018 in Nairobi/ Kenya; May15-20, 2017 in Mekelle/Ethiopia; September 13–17, 2016 in Pernambuco, Brazil; July 3 – 7, 2016 in Kisumu/Kenya, financed by (DAAD) and (BMZ). 

This is evidenced by several independent research fellowships, I held in renowned research groups, including a prestigious year of Fulbright scholar program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, three-year Erasmus Mundus ACP fellowship in Rome, Italy; in addition to the NSA–JRD TATA Fellowship in India, National Scholarship Programme of Slovakia, Volkswagen Foundation for African Researchers in the Engineering Sciences in Germany and Eugen Ionescu PhD internship in Romania.



City/town:Ngaoundere and Yaounde