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Users scenarios for educational purposes

Users scenarios for educational purposes

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Book: Users scenarios for educational purposes
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Readings and training materials

How Europeana has been used by the school world

Educational proposals from European projects

Get inspired!


European Schoolnet
A network of 30 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels, Belgium, aiming to bring innovation in teaching and learning.

European Schoolnet videos

European Schoolnet: EMINENT 2010 EUROPEANA. Interview with Jill Cousins, Director of The European Library and Programme Director of Europeana.



Europeana and partners organised a series of hackathons under the Hack4Europe slogan to showcase the potential of the API usage for data providers, partners and end users. The Hack4Europe roadshows covered one-or two-day hack events in 9 European countries. One hundred and seventy developers with various backgrounds (universities, creative industries, cultural institutions) created 79 prototypes.

Hack4Europe WIKI

European Commission - MEMO/12/475 22/06/2012. Digital Agenda: Hackers get EU award for Europeana apps. Available at: [accessed 10/9/2013]

1st Europeana Hackathon, 1-2 April 2011, Hilversum, Netherlands
Europeana GEO SEARCH

Europeana Banana game

Hack4Europe! Poland, 7-8 June 2011, Poznan


Hack4Europe! Sweden, 10-11 June 2011, Stockholm     

Hack4Europe! Sweden, 10-11 June 2011, Stockholm, Presentations

Europeana porfolio Europeana to Confolio



NATURAL EUROPE                                                                                

Natural Europe supports the creation of educational pathways that support inquire based learning within Natural History Museums (NHMs). The Natural Europe Learning Environment (NELE) deployed at all participating NHMs allows the creation of Educational Pathways using the Natural Europe Pathway Authoring Tool.


Open Discovery space. A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources.


OpenUp! Opening Up the Natural History Heritage for Europeana
The OpenUp! project creates a free access to these resources, offering over one million items belonging to the world’s biodiversity heritage.

Open UP! Publications