Public-Private Partnership with Europeana (Learning Object included)

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Book: Public-Private Partnership with Europeana (Learning Object included)
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Private sector.

About the Learning Object

You are interested in the possibility partnership with Europeana, and wish to find out more about:

  •   What Europeana is and does;
  •   Why it may be of value to the commercial sector;
  •   Any relevant legal questions;
  •   Technical services available to support collaboration.

This brief overview gives answers those questions, with links to more detailed information, drawing on the work of EDItEUR in the Linked Heritage project, 2011-2013.

    Anyone considering commercial partnerships with the cultural sector more generally may also find useful ideas here.

The assessment questionnaire has not been prepared for this learning object, as it is intended primarily as a brief information sheet for commercial players interested in finding out the basics about Europeana and the work done in Linked Heritage, and pointing them to the full project content to find out more.

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Using the Learning Object

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Aim: skill

This Learning Object is adressed to anyone interested in commercial partnerships with the cultural sector and Europeana.

Readings and training materials

Case studies

Training materials


Case studies

Training materials

Best Practice Report – Public Private Partnership (en)

This report provides an introduction to the existing commercial sector best practice in content identification, description, supply chain and rights management metadata across four sectors within the European Union; thus presenting the essential results of Task 4.1, “Private Sector Business Exploration”. The focus is on the description of the media industry and sectors within it, the technical specifications of standard identifiers and metadata schemas used within each sector, and the authoritatively recommended working practices in each. (2011) 213 p.


Specification of legal/licensing environment (en)

Third, final report of Linked Heritage’s work on public-private partnership (PPP) seeks detailed business models and a mutually acceptable data licensing framework for contributing commercial product data to Europeana.(2013) 212 p.




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