Persistent Identifiers: What if? (Learning Object included)

About the Learning Object


This Learning object deals with Persistent identifiers (PIDs).
It is divided into 17 sub-units each of which consists of two parts: a dialogue between two owlets (on the left of the screen) introducing PIDs, and a video (on the right of the screen) representing the concepts.
The idea was to use the famous painting by Botticelli, the Birth of Venus, as a metaphor.

The PID functional requirements are uniqueness, persistency, resolvability, reliability, authoritativeness, flexibility, interoperability and cost effectiveness and in this LO they are represented by visual and musical metaphors. If any of them go missing, the painting can no longer be identified.
The video shows how the painting is gradually altered by eliminating, adding or changing any of these functional requirements and how it returns to its original state once its PID requirements are back in place.