Readings and training materials

Training materials

This section contains the Linked Heritage Project deliverables and booklets, sister project booklets (Athena, Minerva), slides, guidelines and manuals edited by Linked Heritage partner Institutions (both in English and in their native language) relevant to the topic.

Persistent identifiers (PIDs): recommendation for institutions (en)

A short introduction why “persistent identifiers” are needed and what systems are currently available. Edited by ATHENA WP3 Working Group “Identifying standards and developing recommendations” (2011) 34 p.

State of the art report on persistent identifier standards and management tools (en)

This deliverable concerns persistent identifiers (PIDs) in cultural heritage information repositories with respect to standards, management best practices and software and hardware architectures for PID assignment and management.Edited by Work package 2 of the Linked Heritage project (WP 2), (2012) 46 p.