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Visione dei Compiti feedback Listening report (mine & Amy's students) 1st & 2nd Appello18 July 2016, 2:00 PMRoom in CLA (not yet confirmed)Dear students,     (Please read these instructions thoroughly!)  For those of you who have failed the Written exam (for both 1st Appello and 2nd appello) and want to see your work to get some feedback, I and my colleague Raffaella will be holding a Visione dei Compiti for the listening reports, for MINE and AMY'S students only.  (Amy is not available so please don't email her.)  This Visione will be for those who failed at the 1st and 2nd appello.    The thing is that there are two parts : Module Frontale and General English.  If you failed the M.F. but did well on the G.E., you needn't see me & Raffaella; you only need to see the M.F. teachers (Caleffi/Tenca/Quinci) who will be organizing a separate Visione.  The problem is that you can't see your grades for each part in the results, only your combined grade.     So, if you are MY or AMY's student and you want to know how you did on the listening report, email me directly ( and I will tell you whether you should come to us, or only go to the Module Frontale teachers.    The room for the Visione Compiti is yet to be determined; it will be on Monday July 18 starting at 14:00.  -Angelica17 July 2016, 2:00 PM