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Department name

Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology


Research topic A

The natural/artificial distinction

In the philosophical literature it is sometimes assumed that it is possible to divide the domain of concrete objects into natural and artificial ones. Such assumption strongly derives from our intuitions on material objects. These intuitions are well expressed in natural language and have, as an extension, the distinction between artifact kinds and natural kinds. The project aims to analyse artifact kinds and/or natural kinds from a metaphysical and/or a semantical point of view.

Research topic B

Philosophy of translation

Concept is a formal subsumption of specific historical experiences: its meaning changes historically. Conceptual History faces the difficulty of what is lost in translation of ancient sources in modern languages and Political Philosophy is engaged in the elaboration of conceptual constellations for the multilingual global political space. Focusing on the phenomenon of translation, the project aims to investigate the relation between word and concept and analyse the problem of global social and cognitive justice.

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