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Subscription for the trip to Puglia (9-13 May 2018)9 maggio 2018, 13:00PugliaDear students,please register here if you are will to come to the trip to Puglia scheduled for the period 9-13th of May.A reminder that this trip is strictly reserved only for students attending this and Prof Maggi's classes and that places are limited to max 40.Wait to buy the plane tickets as we will tell you the plane and the airport we will travel from/to in the coming days.The provisional schedule for the trip is as follows:Period: 9-13 May 2018 9th of May Arrival at Bari airport and tranfer to Ostuni by bus  10th of May Visits to the following companies: Winery "Tenute Rubino" in Brindisi; Winery "Due Palme" in Cellino San Marco (BR)Visit to the Masseria Cuturi in Manduria (TA)Return to Ostuni in the late afternoon 11th of May 9:00 to 12:00 - Visit to the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto; meeting with the finsherman and to the Farm "Calemone" 12:00-13:00 trasfer to Bari13:00 15:00: visit to the ISPA in Bari Return to Ostuni in the late afternoon 12th of May 9:00 visit to the Olive oil producer "Il FrantOlio di Pietro d'Amico" in Cisternino (BR)17:00: cultural activities: visit to the museums of Ostuni   13th of may Trasfer to Bari airport    27 marzo 2018, 09:254 aprile 2018, 12:00