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Hello! I am Carmen Avilés

I am currently Professor at Escuela de Ingeniería de Montes - ETSIMontes- (Forestry Engineering School) of University Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). I hold a MSc in Business Administration (1997) and a PhD Management and Business Administration (2006). 

My research field is focused on Business Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. I am currently teaching on, i.e., "Human Resource Management", "Business Management", "Chain Value Administration" or "Accounting Management" within the MSc Forestry program and "Social responsibility and "Social Responsibility and good environmental practices" within the METS program

I am the manager of the "Responsible, Sustainable and University" program. It aims to implement University Social Responsibility at the ETSIMontes. 

My favorite hobbies are nordic walking, reading (nowadays, I am focused on the works of Kapuscinski's, which I recommend reading if you like travelling, and, of course, I do). Most of all, I like to spend time with my husband and my 10 and 3-year children. They have a lot of interesting things to make me a better person.
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