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Leticia Calvo Vialettes is an experienced timber legality and certification expert with multiple responsibilities within those areas with 9 years of experience within NEPCon. Leticia coordinates NEPCon forest management certification activities in Spain and France and provides Forest Management, Chain of Custody and Legalsource auditing services to customers in Europe, Latin America and Africa. 

She is involved in international projects within timber legality and certification, where she takes advisory or managerial roles. Countries were Leticia has been working: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon, Chile, Perú, Honduras, México, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Bolivia..

Leticia holds a double university degree in Forestry from Spanish and French institutions and has passed additional training in tropical forestry. She has also passed NEPCon's FSC, PEFC, LegalSource and SAN/Rainforest Alliance lead auditor courses.

Her working languages are Spanish, French and English.

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