Gorría Serrano Pilar

Immagine Gorría Serrano Pilar

Pilar’s professional record includes the development of projects for International Development Agencies, development of the National Parks Service Cooperation Programmes, Technical evaluation and critical analysis of projects results in the framework of the cooperation programs and action plans.

Pilar works as Certification Service Coordinator for NEPCon Spain. She has an extensive experience in FSC certification since 2011, working with national standards, building capacity to government officers, FSC National Initiatives, NGOs, and consultants, and auditing Forest Management Operations. 

Currently her main task in NEPCon as Certification Coordinator can be summarise as:

  • Coordination of activities: Client management and technical support in the region.
  • Lead auditor for Certification in Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP), Chain of Custody, Forest Management (FSC&PEFC) and LegalSource.
  • Service development in the region.
  • Trainings development for Certificate Holders, stakeholder and Lead Auditor Trainer for Chain of Custody.
Implementation of different NEPCon projects as risk assessments on biomass, controlled wood, soy or business entrepreneurship & ecosystem services between others

Pilar holds a master's degree in Forestry from Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSIM, UPM), Spain. Her working languages are Spanish and English.

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Città /Località:Madrid
Pagina web:www.nepcon.org


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