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Carmen is passionante about sustainable management of natural resources, and  she firmly believe in a fair and sustainable global development. 

Carmen has an extensive work experience, with a professional career mainly specialised in sustainable forest management, ecosystem restoration, wildlife and biodiversity conservation, forest products market and sustainable certification systems (FSC&PEFC). She is  also involved in European policies and legislation related to timber trade, as it is the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGT licenses.

She has worked in different countries: Spain , UK and Canada. 

Currently She works for NEPCon in different project  and services areas:

  • FSC&PEFC Services: Coordination of FSC & PEFC  CoC Audits in Spain,and Lead auditor. 
  •  LegalSource: Implementation of  Due Diligence system in Companies to help them to compile with EUTR and avoid illegal Timber. 
  • Projects: Development of National Risk Assessment for  different commodities: Soy, Cattle, Timber(CW). 
  • New Sevices development in the Region (SAN, RSPO)

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