Iturriaga Carmen

Immagine Iturriaga Carmen

Carmen is passionante about sustainable management of natural resources, and  she firmly believe in a fair and sustainable global development. 

Carmen has an extensive work experience, with a professional career mainly specialised in sustainable forest management, ecosystem restoration, wildlife and biodiversity conservation, forest products market and sustainable certification systems (FSC&PEFC). She is  also involved in European policies and legislation related to timber trade, as it is the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGT licenses.

She has worked in different countries: Spain , UK and Canada. 

Currently She works for NEPCon in different project  and services areas:

  • FSC&PEFC Services: Coordination of FSC & PEFC  CoC Audits in Spain,and Lead auditor. 
  •  LegalSource: Implementation of  Due Diligence system in Companies to help them to compile with EUTR and avoid illegal Timber. 
  • Projects: Development of National Risk Assessment for  different commodities: Soy, Cattle, Timber(CW). 
  • New Sevices development in the Region (SAN, RSPO)

Città /Località:Madrid


This course is a result of an Erasmus+ funded Knowledge Alliance project (ECOSTAR), a high level and innovative project developed by 9 businesses and research partners including the University of Padova and ETIFOR (a spin-off of Padova University) as well as other organisations from UK, United States, Spain and Romania.

The course aims to guide students to acquire key concepts and high-level entrepreneurial skills by working with ECOSTAR's business partners, to convert innovative ideas into successful business plans and activities, in the field of production and marketing of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Categoria: ALTRI ANNI ACCADEMICI / A.A. 2017 - 2018 / Corsi di laurea magistrale / AV2091 - FOREST SCIENCE - SCIENZE FORESTALI (Ord. 2017)