Whiteley Guy

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Guy is a senior environmental policy economist with Ricardo Energy & Environment. He has worked at the centre of policy development for governments, businesses, NGOS and multilateral organizations around the world. His expertise covers many environmental areas and innovative approaches. Presented below is a selection of some of his areas of expertise: 

- Market based approaches to public policy including tax, green finance, trading schemes and payments for ecosystem services.

- Natural capital and ecosystem accounting 

- Marine and terrestrial protected areas 

- Environmental assessment 

- Conservation and Climate finance 

- Climate mitigation and adaptation

- Wildlife trade

Nazione:Regno Unito
Città /Località:Bristol


This course is a result of an Erasmus+ funded Knowledge Alliance project (ECOSTAR), a high level and innovative project developed by 9 businesses and research partners including the University of Padova and ETIFOR (a spin-off of Padova University) as well as other organisations from UK, United States, Spain and Romania.

The course aims to guide students to acquire key concepts and high-level entrepreneurial skills by working with ECOSTAR's business partners, to convert innovative ideas into successful business plans and activities, in the field of production and marketing of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Categoria: ALTRI ANNI ACCADEMICI / A.A. 2017 - 2018 / Corsi di laurea magistrale / AV2091 - FOREST SCIENCE - SCIENZE FORESTALI (Ord. 2017)