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The course lectures cover:
Postmortem protocols. Sampling, collection and preservation for microbiological, virological, microscopic, toxicological examinations. Principle of forensic medicine: tanatocronology, examination of the scene, chain of custody.
Principle of main pathological changes related to infectious and zoonotic diseases. Traumatic changes, firearms, cutting and penetrating wounds. Poisoning.

The course lab sessions and practical activities cover:
Necropsies of wild and zoo animals. Preparation of skeletal specimens.

The course includes 32 hours of lectures, 16 hour of lab sessions and hands on activities focused on postmortem examinations of several species recovered from zoo animals and wildlife. Safety and zoonotic prevention will be explained during these sessions. If possible, necropsies on the field will be explained.

Category: AA 2019 - 2020 / Corsi di laurea / AV2378 - ANIMAL CARE - TUTELA DEL BENESSERE ANIMALE