About The Department

The Department of Geosciences is in via Gradenigo, along the Piovego canal, near the ancient river port and the historic sixteenth-century complex of Porta Ognissanti.

The beautiful area of Borgo Portello, of particular value for its historical and monumental profile, maintains its liveliness thanks to the presence of several institutes of the University of Padova.

At the Department of Geosciences we can find the Geosciences Library, which is part of the Science, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences Library cluster of the University of Padua and 30 Laboratories that offers a wide range of equipment for highly specialized analyzes. Moreover, the Department of Geosciences hosts also the laboratories of the Interdepartmental Research Center for the Study of Cementitious Materials and Hydraulic Binders (CIRCe) and the laboratories of the IGG - Institute of Geosciences and Georesources of the CNR.




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