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The course examines the DNA sequencing technologies which allow the understanding of structural genomics: the organization and sequences of genes of the genome. Functional genomic lectures examine the roles of the genetic sequences, their expression, evolution and regulation, also considering epigenomic mechanisms. A comparative genome approach is used to explore different sequenced genomes. Successful application of genomics to plant and animal improvement requires merging knowledge about how genomic information is generated to the practice of breeding, disciplines which may emphasize different aspects of the relationships between genotype and phenotype. Knowledge of available statistical tools and their application to exploit genomic data in identification of genomic regions associated with traits of concern and in practical selective breeding is also required. This course intends to bridge this gap by focusing content on recent research explaining how current genomic biology and advanced statistical tools impact key elements of the plant/animal improvement process: characterizing and assembling genetic variation, evaluation of phenotypes, and identification of superior genotypes through genome-wide association studies and genomic selection procedures

Categoria: ALTRI ANNI ACCADEMICI / A.A. 2016 - 2017 / Corsi di laurea magistrale / IF0362 - BIOTECNOLOGIE PER L'ALIMENTAZIONE