Thank you for your participation in the AMS workshop.
The workshop license is valid from today until 2024-02-01, on 1 machine.

You are just three easy steps away from trying out our software.
We also have videos on how to install the AMS demo:

1. Download

Find the right binary from

Your professor will make the SCM User ID and password available to you during the event.

2. Install

3. Run

The first time you run, an automatic demo license will be retrieved and installed: fill in your email address, SCM User ID and password in the pop-up window.
If you get a license error please send the error message to

  • Windows: double-click the AMSjobs shortcut
  • Mac: run the AMS application
  • Linux: set up your environment, run $AMSBIN/amsjobs

We recommend the Graphical User Interface (GUI) tutorials: to quickly get started with building molecules, and running and visualizing calculations.

Visit our support page for the relevant support email addresses, manuals, and links to more advanced material.

We hope you enjoy trying out the Amsterdam Modeling Suite and find it useful for your research.

Please contact your workshop leader with any questions or problems.

We hope you will enjoy using AMS.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 October 2023, 11:52 AM