Installing and running AMS2023 on personal machines

The license is valid from today until 2024-02-01, on 1 machine, for up to 8 cores per job.

1. Download

Get the right binary for your machine from using:

Your professor will make the SCM User ID and password available in the Moodle course.

2. Install

3. Run

  • Windows: double-click the AMSjobs shortcut
  • Mac: run the application
  • Linux: set up your environment, run $AMSBIN/amsjobs

You will be prompted for your username, password, and email address when you first use AMS.
After submitting your (correct) details, a license will then automatically be retrieved and installed.
This license will allow you to run the purchased AMS modules.

If you do not succeed, you can check our instruction videos about installation of AMS at

If you get a license error please send the error message to

Please contact your course/research leader with any questions or problems.

We hope you will enjoy using AMS.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 October 2023, 11:42 AM