Reading and training materials

Training materials

This section gathers Linked Heritage Project's deliverables and booklets, sister project booklets (Athena, Minerva), slides, guidelines and manuals edited by Linked Heritage partner Institutions (both in English and in their native language) relevant to the topic.


Digitisation: standards landscape for european museums, archives, libraries (en)

An overview of the different standards which are in use with the partners in the ATHENA project. Its content results from the information provided from the more than 20 partners from ATHENA coming from museums,libraries and archives, as well as ministries. Edited by ATHENA WP3 Working Group “Identifying standards and developing recommendations”, 2011, 44 p.


Linee guida sulla digitalizzazione (ita)

Reference booklet about digitalization's procedures of bidimensional documents, accordin to international standards and good practices. Edited by the Phaidra group for the digital asset management system with long-term archiving functions of Padua University. (2011) 23 p.


MINERVA Technical Guidelines for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes: Version 2.0. (multi-language)

"This document is intended as a resource for policy-makers, for those implementing funding programmes for the creation of digital cultural content and for those managing digitisation projects. Based on a life-cycle approach to the digitisation process, it seeks to provide guidelines for the use of technical standards and identifies areas where there is already a commonality of approach". Editors: Kate Fernie, Giuliana De Francesco and David Dawson, 2008, 92 p.


Good Practice Handbook. Version 1.2 Identification of good practices and competence centres (eng)

 A list of good practices in digitisation, according to the ten categories selected by the MINERVA Working group 6. (2003) 105 p.