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    Welcome to the Linked Heritage training programme!

    Linked Heritage: Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Europeana (April 2011 - Sept. 2013) is a project funded by the EU as part of its CIP (2007 – 2013) programme. Linked Heritage project involved 38 partners from 20 countries, including EU member states, Israel and Russia.

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    The Linked Heritage Training Programme

    The course "EU project: Linked heritage" is focused on the key aspects of the project: Europeana, metadata standards, linked data, permanent identifiers, multilingual terminologies, public-private partnerships.

    The course is in English, but Learning Objects have been translated in several languages.

    Further information can be found in the project site and in the University of Padova site.

    The training programme includes four modules specifically tailored for the following target user groups:

    • Cultural institution decision makers
    • Teachers and researchers
    • Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals
    • Market players

    Each module contains a list of topics that we consider suitable for the users.

    Each topic proposes a learning package that includes: Case studies, Training materials and Bibliography. Some topics also include a multimedia Learning Object that comes with two questionnaires (assessment and evaluation) and other important information: summary and target audience (About the Learning Object), technical requirements (Using the Learning Objects), aims (To provide skills).

    All the Learning objects are available in English. Translations into other languages are done with the help of Linked Heritage partners, and sometimes professional translators.

    Learning Outcomes

    The learning outcomes on successful completion of the Linked Heritage programme are the following :

    • Cultural institution managers and decision-makers can appreciate what Europeana is and therefore decide whether they want to apply to it.
    • Teachers, educators, scholars can gain knowledge and understanding of the scope of Europeana and of its content, how to search and exploit it for educational purposes.
    • Library and Information Science (LIS) students, professionals and technicians can appreciate the importance of professional development and the educational resources available in the Web, selected for this Syllabus by the Linked Heritage experts, to keep up to date with the most advanced issues on digital libraries.
    • Market players can appreciate what Europeana is and does and the main results of Linked Heritage, in particular the technical support for commercial partners.

    Learning Objects Reuse and Translations

    The Linked Heritage Learning Objects are reusable. Read the instructions on how to modify (PDF) or translate (PDF) them.

    Where to begin

    Select the module tailored for you and choose the topic you are interested in. The course is available to all visitors at all times as Guests. Be aware that some tools and activities are reserved only to registered users (e.g. assessment and evaluation questionnaires). This is why we invite you to register here and then login with your personal account here, after email confirmation.

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