Readings and training materials

Training materials

Best practice report on cultural heritage linked data and metadata standards (en)
This deliverable has three roles in the project: 1) Educate the partners, and the wider cultural heritage community, about linked data. This includes linked data‟s associated technical standards; 2) Give advice based on the use of linked data in the cultural heritage community; 3) Inform the subsequent work of WP 2 in the rest of the project. (2011) 88 p.


Documented APIs (en)

This report documents a set of application programming interfaces offering a simple and structured way to access the aggregation functionalities and repository capabilities of the Linked Heritage technology platform. A set of read access interfaces allows external systems to programmatically search and retrieve user and organization profiles, mapping files, reports and other data from the system. Write capabilities enable external systems to dynamically add new content as well as perform operations on existing datasets. The architecture design is based on predominant models such as REST and, standard wire-level protocols such as the AMPQ, in an effort to adopt existing tools and technologies that facilitate interoperability with external systems. Data exchange is following open standards such as XML, JSON, RSS and the Atom Publishing Protocol to allow developers to get up to speed quickly and reuse existing solutions.  (2012) 31 p.

Metadata gateway (en)

This report documents the technological solution for the establishment of the Linked Heritage Metadata Gateway (Task 5.3). The service complements the project's technology platform (Task 5.1, Deliverable D5.1) offering the technical components necessary for metadata remediation and in particular for the delivery of metadata to Europeana (ESE/EDM compliant). Following the modeling requirements of WP2, WP3 and WP4 and, close collaboration with the Europeana Office ensures interoperability of the Linked Heritage Technology Platform with the Europeana Ingestion infrastructure and the Europeana portal. The Linked Heritage Metadata Gateway handles and remediates XML metadata for the execution of the ingestion plan and RDF resources for prototyping of semantic web-enabled metadata services.  (2012) 18 p. 


Your terminology as a part of the semantic webrecommendations for design and management (en)

This publication, edited by Linked Heritage WP3 and ATHENA WP4 "Terminology and multilingualism", aims in priority at people working in European museums, experts or non-experts in Information Engineering and/or Linguistics, who have an interest on terminology and multilingualism. It proposes recommendations helping you to manage your terminology, to make it compliant and optimized for improving multilinguality on Europeana and to make it as a part of the Semantic Web following. The more you respect them, the more you improve the future retrievability of your digital collections online. web version (2011) 112 p.